What is your routine and diet for everyday workouts?

routine and diet for everyday workouts?

Currently on gaining phase. SO eating like a hippo. Current stats are 79kg (18% body fats) and target is 90kg(~10% body fats). So the plan is crystal clear- lean bulk. Currently consuming ~4000 calories / day, well segregated in 8 meals throughout the day.

Meal 1 (07.00am):- MYPROTEIN ISOLATE SHAKE(in water)

Meal 2 (08.30am):- 7 egg whites omlete , 1 brown bread, 100gm protein oats.

Meal 3 (10.45am):- 50gm protein oats, half cup black coffee w/o sugar.

Meal 4 (12.45am):- 4 chapati, 50gm veg, 50gm dal, 120gm panner

Meal 5 (15.00hrs):- 100gm protein oats

Meal 6 (18.30hrs)(Pre-workout meal):- 2 brown bread with peanut butter, 3 egg omelet with one whole egg. Creatine monohydrate in water. Black coffee w/o sugar.

BCAA during workout.

7. Meal 7 (20.30hrs)(Post-workout meal):- 7 egg white omelet, 1.5 scoop MYPROTEIN isolate shake. 1 brown bread.

8. Meal 8 (21.45hrs):- 100gm broccoli, 200gm chicken breast, 100gm brown rice , salad.

Before bed , i do take L-glutamine in 50ml water.

Macro’s as following:-

Protein:- 220gms

Carbs:- 350gms

Fats:- 300gms

The entire point of above diet is , i keep my body in anabolic state. Since i am an ectomorph, my body tends to go catabolic very easily. Not focusing on micro-nutrients currently.

Exercise Routine:-

Monday:- Back / Biceps (3 variations for back with 4 sets each, 4 variations for bieps with 4 sets)

Tuesday:- Legs / Shoulder ( 5 variations for legs, 2 variations for shoulders)

Wednesday:- Cardio / Triceps ( 2 variations in Cardio / 6 variations in triceps) Remember triceps contributes 65% to arms size. Bigger triceps, stronger the arms.

Thursday:- Rest

Friday:- Chest ( 5 variations )

Saturday:- Legs / Biceps ( 2 variations each - just to get the pump, afterall its Saturday night)

Sunday:- My Sunday workout are exclusively for compound exercises only - Deadlifts, squats, bench press. ( 2 sets , all heavy. Generally 1.5x of body weight. )

Alternate Sundays I skip Sunday workout, and if time permits, go for swimming.

I have 9–6 job as my bread and butter, and being in marketing, most of the time I am traveling with workload of 8 figure to close every month. I cook all of my meals in morning as it helps me keep tab of my macros. Meal 3,4 &5 I carry in office.

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