Best 6 days workout routines for beginners

Best workout routines for beginners-fxstayfit


Best workout routines for Beginners.


I'm going to share with you 20 tips to make your workout routine amazing, as well as a month's FREE schedule!

If you were to read all of my answers, you’d find that a lot of them mention the importance of a fitness routine; a system will enhance your fitness life a lot. Your head will be clear and you’d know exactly what you’re going to do in the gym before you even get there.

The first thing you need to do, before not only creating a routine but even working out, in general, is to define your goal. Is it to lose weight? Gain muscle? No matter what it may be, just make sure you know it. My personal goal has always been to increase muscle mass and decrease body fat, which is why my personal routine contains the following things:

Different muscles/ muscle groups I want to build-up

Compound exercises


I’m sure you don’t want to read about my fitness routine, so let’s focus on yours.

Now that you have defined your goal, I am going to mention…

A) Things youou should include in your plan if you want to lose weight

B) Things you should include in your plan if you want to gain muscle

C) One month free workout plan!

A - Weight Loss Plan; 5 Things To Include

Cardio, to lose calories

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), to burn fat

One rest day if you need it

Compound lifts/ weightlifting in general

Healthy Meals

Weight Loss; 10 Things To Remember

It is challenging; push through and enjoy the reward

Start today

Don’t avoid weightlifting

Always eat healthily

Drink a lot of water and get enough sleep

Force yourself to workout - I find a caffeine boost helps

The process is simple, the hard part is pushing through to the end

Always keep your end goal in mind

Stay motivated in any way possible (watching/ reading about success stories is good)

If you need to workout from home because you can’t get to a gym, do it. (Stick around till the end for some help on this point) workout routines for beginners

B - Muscle Gain Plan; 5 Things To Include

Compound lifts

Individual muscle exercises

Protein-packed meals (protein shakes if you want to go all out)

Cardio/ HIIT (if you want to reduce body-fat)

Rest days (I include two)

Muscle Gain; Ten Things To Remember

The process can be slow, but it is also very fun!

Learn individual workouts for each muscle/ muscle group


You need 0.8 grams of protein per pound of body weight

Squeeze the muscle; contract it

Get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of water

If you need energy before the gym try either bananas, caffeine or pre-workout.

Track growth so that you stay motivated

Consider supplements

To work out from home, stay till the end and you will receive help with that.

C) One Month Free Workout Routines for beginners

(Please Note: This plan is more aimed at muscle growth, however, it will also lose weight!)

Week 1

Monday: Back & Biceps

Tuesday: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

Wednesday: Compound lifts (Upper body and Lower body Lifts)

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Cardio & Abs

Saturday: Legs & Forearms

Sunday: Rest

Week 2

Monday: Chest & Shoulders

Tuesday: Forearms & Abs

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Biceps, Triceps & Forearms

Friday: Legs & Cardio

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Compound Lifts (Upper body and Lower body Lifts)

Week 3

Monday: Shoulders, Chest, Triceps

Tuesday: Cardio & Legs

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Compound lifts (Upper body and Lower body Lifts)

Friday: Back & Biceps

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Forearms & Abs

Week 4

Monday: Chest & Shoulders

Tuesday: Triceps, Biceps & Forearms

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Back & Legs

Friday: Compound lifts (Upper body and Lower body Lifts)

Saturday: Cardio & Abs

Sunday: Rest


I hope this helps, and as always, Thank you for reading :)

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